An easier way.

Davin is designed for a wide array of healthcare organizations and nursing programs as a solution to manage complex credentialing.

Members of the Davin development team meets with clients to assess their credentialing needs.
Members of the Davin development team meets with clients to assess their credentialing needs.

Instead of maintaining insecure paper records and having to perpetually update spreadsheets, you can access and update clinical credentials securely from anywhere, 24 hours per day, seven days per week. 

Our clients house all credentialing records in one secure, cloud-based location, avoiding the need to maintain physical files in multiple storage locations and the related administrative burden.

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Our highest priority:
your security

The secure, user-friendly Davin interface enables users, your staff, and auditors to quickly locate and retrieve the information they need in real time.  Davin provides a mechanism for the secure submission, transmittal, and maintenance of important credentialing and compliance documents. 

Davin uses industry-standard encryption technologies to protect sensitive personal information both in transit and at rest.  

The Davin authentication protocol and use of two-factor authentication help to ensure that only authorized users with the proper levels of permission may access sensitive data.

A disorganized, cluttered filing cabinet.
A disorganized, cluttered filing cabinet.


Davin eliminates the need to maintain and regularly update extensive paper records and spreadsheets while completely eliminating the need to send any credentialing documents by less secure means such as regular e-mail, fax, or mail.


Davin notifies the caregiver and staff of upcoming credential expirations.  Customized alerts foster compliance and reduce the monitoring and administrative burden on staff.


To comply with industry best practices, Davin automatically purges out-dated documents.

Seamless Integrations

We integrate with existing applications that can provide capabilities to enhance our product.


Infusionsoft® is the premier product for automating workflows and communications.  We integrated with Infusionsoft® to provide e-mail alerts and communications to all Davin users through the creation of Infusionsoft’s® campaigns and e-mail templates. 

Commercial Investigations, LLC

Commercial Investigations is our preferred partner for providing background checks.  Our integration with Commercial Investigations eliminates duplicate data entry and reduces the time required to generate and process background checks.


HealthStream® helps us develop a more confident and competent caregiver staff.  HealthStream® accounts are created and invitations to complete HealthStream® courses are sent from Davin.


RightSignature™ provides electronic document signing for documents that must be distributed to one or more signers.  Davin triggers this process and the signed documents are returned directly into Davin providing ease of use and reducing turn-around time.


Our integration with Authorize.Net® allows our clients to submit payments for their invoices with confidence in a secure, user-friendly environment. 


The Davin help desk is powered by Happy Fox™, providing a convenient chat feature for our clients and a central ticketing system to organize all support requests from “I forgot my password” to enhancement ideas and bug reports.