Pricing for our Clinical Placement Software


We determine your cost based on the number of students attending your program per semester. 

Our pricing is locked over the length of your contract to ensure you can set and meet your budget, year after year. The price will only increase if the size of your program exceeds the growth allowance set forth in your contract. 

We offer flexible billing to suit your needs, and as a bonus, we discount upfront annual payments.

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A Different Approach...

Davin Workforce Solutions is a nurse-owned and nurse-operated organization. CEO and founder David Theobald, MS, RN, has worked in the healthcare field for over 15 years. He’s seen the importance of growing healthcare education programs to train the next generation of nurses and allied health professionals.

David Theobald caring for a patient.

David Theobald, MS, RN (Right)
Photo provided by Empire State College.

David Theobald

David Theobald, MS, RN (Right)
Photo provided by Empire State College.

He worked with the Davin experts to build the Clinical Placement Software to help decrease administrative burden so that schools are able to increase their throughput and allow more students to participate in the program without increasing cost and time to manage clinical placements.

The DAVIN Clinical Placement Software isn't a static product. We aim to enhance the software to meet your needs continually. Not only do we work with customer feedback, but David volunteers on the advisory board of multiple nursing education programs in order to ensure that DAVIN is continually meeting and exceeding the challenges of the healthcare field.

When you use the DAVIN Clinical Placement software, you’re partnering with a company that not only cares about the future of healthcare but also cares about your work-load efficiencies and truly understands the challenges facing the healthcare field. You are more than our client; you are our investment in the next generations of front-line healthcare workers.

The DAVIN Clinical Placement Software comes with the following features:

24/7 Browser-based access
Secure document storage
Customizable reports
User roles and permissions at school, student, and facility levels
Shared, real-time access to student health information and additional documentation
Automatic notifications for students, clinical coordinators, and faculty
Two-factor authentication
Scheduled notifications
Custom attestations
Customizable user dashboards
Document expiration notifications
Custom survey creation and reporting
Custom exams with automatic grading
Custom student profiles and requirement settings
Real-time student compliance for clinical placements
Clinical hours tracking
Clinical placement tracking
Clinical schedule calendars
Secure encrypted access to information
News and update announcements
Integrated background checks
Hands-on training, start-up guides, and videos
24/7 Support through email, phone, or chat
Electronic documentation and signature capability

What you're paying for:

We've determined the pricing based on two main features that we offer for you beyond normal operational costs.


Your security is one of our highest priorities. To ensure your documents’ security, we have partnered with award-winning hosting and software development tools to bring additional security features to our platform.

On the front end, we offer two-factor authentication and secure electronic signature documents. On the backend, we use security scans, secure servers, and threat monitoring. All these features are in place to give you peace of mind.

Hands-On Team

When you partner with Davin Workforce Solutions, you’re not just opening up access to the Clinical Placement Software, you’re opening up access to a hands-on team of experts to help you along every step of the journey. With our implementation team, we take the stress of set-up off of your shoulders.

We set up your personalized customization to meet your organization’s needs and aid in training (for you and all your users) and data transfer. Once you’re up and running, our Customer Success team is on hand to answer any of your questions to make the journey from the classroom to the bedside a smooth process.

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